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BAIA Club at Jakarta (Indonesia) was born with the aim of developing a dedicated Techno club. This concept marked our design approach, leaving the glamorous and flashy side, and focusing on an introvert feeling between user and music.

We wanted to use the latest technologies and building processes without forgetting the underground club scene inspiration.

The space and concept required us to create different lighting atmospheres that maintain an intimate feeling. We didn´t want to focus the attention towards the DJ booth or a specific area, we wanted a more democratic approach in terms of lighting solutions. We wanted to have a precise control of each area of the club and avoid equipment with too much prominence, like video screens.

To achieve the desired lighting atmosphere we looked for effects and solutions that could create an intimate space. Elements that could have enough strength by themselves alone and that could work efficiently together without highlighting excessively and at the same time lose prominence in favour of darkness when necessary.

The patterned wall, with a hiding RGB pixel custom solution is a clear example of our goal for this project. Having control of every single pixel provides great versatility to program lighting sequences that adapt perfectly to any atmosphere wanted.

For this project we included a few artistic painters in our team, who hand painted UV murals visible through the use of controlled UV light fixtures. This solution gives the chance to change the look and feel of the space along the night.

Including lasers on this project was important to us to get a subtle effect of lines and geometries along the space. We chose to incorporate mono-diode lasers bars (400 red laser diodes) on the perimeter of the room.

Both the Etalbond CNC machined composite and the back support with RGB pixels were produced in Barcelona (Spain) and shipped to Jakarta, this gave us an excellent result in terms of finishes and mechanisation availability. The supportive structure for this wall was locally made at the venue. The main challenge was to achieve a perfect coordination on the joints between panels and back structure in order to obtain a continuous and levelled finish. A special matrix designed for perforations and assembly was made to get beyond this issue.

As in previous projects, where we decide to produce it in Barcelona and then send it to a different country, we proceed to fully assemble and test all the elements in advance before sending the material to the venue, which helps us significantly to avoid issues during the final installation.

We believe that Baia has achieved a different proposal than most current club designs. The user experience has been enhanced over any technical solution. Light beams or elements that stand out excessively in power or visibility have not been used to create an environment where darkness has the same importance as light. We decided to combine forms of lighting close to the theatrical world with tangible solutions made by artistic painters.