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Arts Brookfield, US

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Arts Brookfield, US

Arts Brookfield, US


Arts Brookfield, the cultural arm of global real estate corporation Brookfield, is deploying an MLA Compact system to reinforce an eclectic mix of concerts, festivals, symphonies and other artistic events presented for the community throughout the year in the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place, a majestic 10-story glass vaulted atrium in Lower Manhattan.

The typical system for concerts includes eight flown MLA Compact cabinets per side with two DSX subs ground-stacked under the stage and three Merlin controllers. A more compact, streamlined version has also been ground-stacked successfully with four MLA Compact per side on top of the subs when there was flown scenery or other visual elements that necessitated a different approach.

Mark Torchia, technical director for Arts Brookfield points out, “the Winter Garden is challenging because it’s a huge, reverberant glass dome that traps all of the sounds within it including ambient noise from the retail outlets.

“We chose MLA because of the control offered by the system that lets us put the sound where it needs to be and avoid areas where we don’t want it. The Winter Garden’s audience space graduates upward. There’s a monumental marble staircase – a popular place for people to sit and watch the performance – so we had to take care of people on the floor as well as those in a more elevated position.

“MLA allows us to achieve smooth, consistent coverage from top to bottom and side to side with no gaps. We needed to achieve articulation and clarity for speech, and it handles that beautifully. The system also works perfectly for music reproduction, especially considering the wide mix of genres performed here.”