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Arizona State University

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The most obvious requirement for the new sound system was that it be capable of delivering the considerable sound pressure levels required to fill a major university stadium. The university wanted a proven, reliable solution. Durability is a concern in any stadium install, and the university is located in Tempe, Arizona, near Phoenix, so the stadium is often buffeted with gusting winds and dust storms and alternatively scorched by the sun and pounded by heavy rainstorms.

Furthermore, the stadium upgrades are ongoing, so coverage needs are changing. The next phase includes changes in stadium seating. It was imperative that the new system be able to repeatedly adapt to the stadium’s phased upgrades.

As a result, Anya arrays deliver the customizable, venue specific coverage required at Sun Devils Stadium and can be adapted with software as the stadium’s seating and other attributes change during future upgrade phases. They also meet the durability requirement. “EAW loudspeakers are extremely durable and will stand up to the area’s challenging weather conditions and continue to perform,” Davis observes.System co-designers Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams, Inc. (WJHW), had not used or seen EAW ADAPTive systems prior to the ASU project. “They accepted our recommendations because ADAPTive technology is proven in the marketplace,” Davis explains. “Sound Image and WJHW shared the responsibility, and since we have extensive experience with EAW ADAPTive systems, WJHW viewed it as a good opportunity to observe ADAPTive in exactly the sort of application where the technology truly excels.”

46 Anya – ADAPTive line array modules
6 QX564i – Three-Way Enclosure