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Analog BKNY

Brooklyn, New York


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SBS Designs, SBS Slammer and more in the USA

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CMB Productions Inc.


Craig Bernabeu refers to Analog BKNY as a showroom for his latest technology creations, which are manufactured using well-known components. “It is a proprietary SBS Designs and SBS Slammer set up in the club, showing my latest 2018 SBS Designs Pro Series Class-AB amplifiers and SBS Designs Iso-Q2 exclusive membrane preamps to bypass the output stage on mixer for the widest frequency respectively, which are both solid state and SBS Designs SP-1 and SP-1 pro valve processing, with SBS Slammer Series I v3 loudspeakers with SBS Slammer processing,” he explained.

The main challenges during the install, was to be able to counter act the cinderblock walls, cement floor and live aspect of this space and get the SBS Slammer to perform like it is in a treated room with wood floors.

I had to design my own processing and amplifiers with loudspeaker that had Perfect synergy, this took a lot of time and engineering to get right, I would design processing and amplifiers then make changes to them if they were not performing to my standards. I had to try drivers with certain Thiele small parameters and materials used from the under hung coils, to formers and cone materials in these components to see how they would work for months, then change all of them until I found exactly what I needed until I got the sound I needed out of the Series I v3 SBS Slammer.

If I wanted to sweeten up the texture and voicing of the SBS Slammer, I would search the internet for new old stock vacuum tubes from the 60s for the SBS Designs SP-1 & SP-1Pro valve expanders that I designed and manufacturer I did not like the way the output stages sounded on any of the mixers sounded, so I designed my own SBS Designs Membrane pre amps to bypass the output stages to get the widest freq resp and sound quality I needed with proper gain, a pricey and time consuming, but worthy approach.

The SBS Slammer should win because it is the most advanced and finest sounding system built to date, which is what awards are really for, the best performance, the ultimate test bed for technology or studio mix downs with the finest Class AB Amps and finest solid state and Tube processors by SBS Designs. The DJ Mixer and other components are all modified for the best performance.

Major manufacturers and producers have tested there products to see how they really sound on the SBS Slammer at Analog BKNY it is all custom with an unorthodox approach for the finest playback that is not available by any manufacturer.

It is 100% pure engineering that is not order by catalog or any over the counter speakers, this is a 100% hand made to order system that is one of a kind, designed around the space, to have the finest fidelity with processing that is not available anywhere, so the djs can perform like nowhere else and hear music and details that are missing on any other system in any other room.

Built off HIFI principles that is not one dimensional that can play any style of music back in a flawless and musical manor so you don’t leave with your ears ringing for days and can carry on a conversation without screaming at your partner. It is simply the finest playback sound system with the finest hand components that no major make or other system can match.