Amadeus Nightclub

Technical Details

Amadeus Nightclub

New York, USA

ROBE, Elation Lighting, X-laser, Hazebase, MADRIX, Resolume, Ma Lighting, Tirso Lighting

Tirso Lighting, Inner Circle Distribution, Act Lighting

Bluarch Architecture + Interiors

Lighting / Visual Designer:
Tirso Lighting

Terry Petch Audio

Tirso Lighting

Project Submitted By:
Tirso Lighting


Lighting & Visual

The approach we took to achieve the end product was based on making sure we touched a few different point. We wanted to:

1. Have dynamic Led Center Piece that was based around dense body of light.
2. Embody the entire nightclub with an led linear lighting System,
3. Complement all of areas of the club with a combination of moving fixtures, strobes, special effect lighting, adequate stage lighting and a pair of high powered lasers.

Product List:
25 – Robe Pointe
2 – Robe Cyclone
15 – Elation E- Spot LED
24- Elation Sniper 2R
7- Elation Protron Strobe 3K
17- Elation Protron Strobe LED
4 – Elation CUEPIX Blinder WW2 (SCROLL DOWN)
4 – Elation Optri WHite
15 – Elation Six Par 100 W/ Barn Doors
2 – X-Laser Defiant RGB – 3W
1 – Hazebase Haser
2 – Hazebase Classic
600 – 2M 3D Led Tubes
470 – 1M Led Pixel Bars
2000’+ Linear Ft of RGB Led Strips

1 – Ma Lighting – UltraLight
1 – Madrix Ultimate
11 – Madrix Luna 16
1 – Madrix Neo
1 – Resolume Arena
1 – Pangolin Quickshow

The main Focus of the stage area is a 300 linear feet P6 Custom led screen with made up of curved and flat led video panels.


The Main challenges of this project was working around the structure of the space. It was tough to work with a space which does not have a defined center so we had to get creative to implement our design into the hard work with space.