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Aarhus Musikhuset

Aarhus, Denmark

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Aarhus Musikhuset

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Musikhuset Aarhus – also known as Aarhus Concert Hall – in Aarhus, Denmark, is the latest in a number of high profile theatre venues in Scandinavia to invest in Robe, with a substantial purchase of 78 x Spiider LED wash beam fixtures. These are primarily designated for use in their main hall where they will be ‘workhorse fixtures’

It’s an exceptionally busy and vibrant environment staging over 1200 events a year and entertaining around 600,000 people!

In the main house the productions are in and out on most days, so when it came to a lighting upgrade, they needed an adaptable wash light solution.


The venue caters for a variety of different set-ups. Some incoming productions work on a bare stage and clear roof, bringing in all their own production. Others will come in with their own lighting designer but no kit, so they will utilise all the house lighting; and the third common scenario is those relying on the skills and expertise of the Musikhuset’s permanent technicians and creatives to light their shows.

Therefore they needed rider-recognised wash beam units. They also had to undertake a tender process, so the requirements stipulated that the new lights should be an LED unit with a good zoom and an RGBW colour mixing engine.

Final thoughts

They had a shoot-out with all the different brands who had responded to the tender … luminaires were rated for their low noise attributes, the smoothness and quality of the colours and also their value for money … and they chose Robe!

This was for all those reasons plus the fact that it’s extremely bright and Robe are a “well known and recognised manufacturer”.

Other features that stood out was the Spiider’s ability to produce a very narrow well-defined almost PAR can like beam with no spillage, due to the wide zoom range … and of course, everyone loves the central flower effect!