BASE Dubai

Technical Details

BASE Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Vision Pro Lighting, MADRIX, ChamSys, TW AUDiO, Powersoft, Midas

Distributor & Installer:
Pulse Middle East

Prospect Design International

Lighting / Visual Designer:
Main concept: ledscontrol
Design development and implementation: Pulse Middle East

Audio Designer:
Pulse Middle East

Rigging & Structure Support Designer:
Pulse Middle East

Project Submitted By:



12 TW Audio T24N loudspeaker; 4 TW Audio T30i loudspeaker; 4 TW Audio T20 loudspeaker, 2 TW Audio T20i loudspeaker, 2 TW Audio BSX subwoofer, 8 TW Audio S33 subwoofer, 4 TW Audio BS30 subwoofer, 9 Powersoft X4 amplifier; 1 Midas M32R mixing console.

Visual & Lighting

196 moving heads, 20 strobes, 34 dual molefay blinders, 82 LED PAR cans and 70 PAR bar illuminate the whole venue. A ChamSys MQ500 stadium lighting console takes control of the lights. Additionally, a stunning LED visual effect pattern has been implemented across the ceiling and walls, all of which is created and controlled with MADRIX software. Additional 1,380 Vision Pro Lighting fixtures; Madrix software; 1 Chamsys MQ500 stadium lighting console; Pangolin Beyond laser control software; 6 Vision 20W individually controlled RGB laser. 180 sq meters of LED screen; Resolume VJ software; MADRIX software; 6 x SFAT Quatro JET CO2 jet; 2 SFAT Confetti Shooter; 4 DJ Power Wave haze machine.


The throughly immersive audiovisual experience was created and installed in just 23 days.

Final thoughts

Base Dubai by Bulldozer group is an open-air venue hosting endless list of world’s top artists. Our company did the lighting design consultancy in collaboration with Prospect Design International who did the architecture and interior design development. Supply and Installation by Pulse Middle East.