Wavehouse at Atlantis, The Palm


Wavehouse at Atlantis, The Palm

Dubai, UAE

Prolights, Tribe, Studio Due , Stagesmarts, Glasson, MA Lighting , Hazebase , Visual Productions, TW Audio, Powersoft, Martin Audio, Midas, Symetrix

Bishop Design

Lighting / Visual Designer:
Ardent Limited

Pulse Middle East, Ardent Limited

Project Submitted By:
Music & Lights and Pulse Middle East


Wavehouse is a unique new family entertainment offering that fuses a retro vibe with state of the art technology. Housed at the landmark hotel Atlantis The Palm Dubai the facility includes a 13m high softplay area, 2 floors of arcade attractions, 4 bowling lanes with traditional, UV and projection mapped playing options, a family restaurant, an adults only bar, a large sun terrace and mezzanine, 2 live band stages and a ProSlide Waverider surf machine.

The complex deploys a fully DMX controlled lighting network using a series of networked CueCore nodes for architectural control with a no compromise approach that allows the operator to make precise changes to colour, intensity and animation of the diverse spaces. Custom colour mixing track LED sources including both spot and wash fixtures with full Wireless Solution WDMX control deliver a system that is a truly flexible architectural solution. Hosted on its on VLAN the CueCore network can be programmed wirelessly venue wide with ease.  The operations team using a series of iPAD’s running KiOSC interfaces for hands on daily operation.

The show lighting control uses the MA dot2 platform –  on its own wired network with two master computers running sessions for the indoor and outdoor stage and several control surfaces that can be easily deployed for show control with the DJ, control position or in the remote control room.

The designers developed several bespoke lighting solutions including customised WDMX controlled UV track sources from Prolights and the new Calesco RGB festoon which was created in collaboration with Glasson Electronics. This simple festoon lamp epitomises the retro – futurist vibe using a 2700k LED filament bulb with an internal “halo” of RGB chips to deliver a unique lighting solution here deployed as festoons, light rows and a ceiling grid in multiple spaces of the venue.

The outdoor show lighting package features latest IP rated spot, beam and wash units to ensure a stable solution to be deployed year round outdoors. The first to market IP LED Spots from Prolights are fully featured profiles, the IP Washes have a distinct Halo giving multi layered effects in a single unit and the Beam fixtures with dual prisms punch into the night sky turning the venue into a destination landmark for the resort at night.

A wall of 74 retro Cathode ray TV’s forms a dynamic backdrop to the indoor stage. These screens are mapped with a single 10k Panasonic projector using Arkaos server to give the impression of being all fully functional with individual picture feeds or as a single image “video wall”. Further projection mapping at the main entrance delivers branded content to entice guests into the venue.

LED screens provide “billboard” signage on main entrance staircase and backdrops to the bowling lanes. These are all driven from a centralised server running custom content from the design and in-house teams.

A no-compromise approach to a fully integrated lighting and visual solution with total flexibility for control is the venues most “special” effect…. But yes there are some vertical smoke machines and hazers from Haze Base to add to the atmosphere.

A 13 week build schedule made for a highly condensed installation programme across this tight sight with technical works overlapping main building and finishing. However a carefully design system that takes advantage of robust wireless technology and networked control allowed for an efficient installation without compromise to functionality.

It has raised the standard in system integration in bars and restaurants with an impressive level of control of the lighting installations, without any compromise. This made possible by the designers, vendors and manufacturers working closely together to deliver a non compromise solution from the ground up.

A total of 108 speakers were installed to create a crystal-clear sound with optimal coverage throughout the venue while complementing the activity taking place, since the multifunctional venue hosts at the same time a restaurant, a bar, an outdoor lounge area, two stages for live shows, a bowling alley, two arcade spaces, a projection room and a kid’s area. We divided Wavehouse into 11 zones and 25 subzones and interconnected all the inputs and outputs in order to have sound come from anywhere in the venue and still be heard throughout.

The challenge was controlling the massive number of speakers and subs installed without intervening with the operator’s system. This was possible due to the Armonía + by Powersoft which put all the equipment on one unified map of the space and allowed us to locate and adjust any speaker/subwoofer installed. Further challenges delays of the system from multiple stages. Depending what sources are selected (where the band is playing) the delays of all the speakers in the entire venue switch to make everything easy for the operator and always giving the perfect sound inside the venue.

This venue in itself is one of a kind and the uniquely designed custom-made audio integration is remarkable. Being a miniature theme park and a multifunctional venue, Wavehouse needed a very complex sound system to keep the sound distinct in each area while allowing ease of control for the operator.