Needing a design that could accomplish a multitude of different lighting scenes based on the desires of the various artists and musicians performing at the venue, a combination of MegaPointe and Spiider luminaires from Robe Lighting were chosen for their broad range of lighting capabilities.

The system is wired for easy access to change fixture settings. By using RDM to access the fixtures remotely, the fixture modes can be quickly changed to suit the programming of any tour. Regardless if they want a simple wash fixture, or if they want more extensive control of each pixel, touring professionals can pick their position, which is a big help when cloning programming for each show.

During the installation, there were not many challenges at all. BML-Blackbird’s installation of the new lighting system was fast and seamless, and they provided exceptional support throughout the whole process. With the broad range of looks now possible from the Robe MegaPointe and Spiider luminaires, it’s quite a simple system that is easily able to accommodate the needs of touring artists and musicians.

The installation of Robe MegaPointes and Spiiders allows for a wider spectrum of looks and designs at Terminal 5, crucial for a venue with a hugely diverse listing of visiting artists and musicians. The remote controllability of the moving lights via the RDM communicator means that fixture changes can be made quickly and easily to suit the needs of travelling lighting designers.