Mi Cocina Restaurant required audiophile quality sound processing and easy control of 12 different audio zones throughout the venue, including both indoor and outdoor spaces. The Dante networked audio system for the space is based on a Symetrix Prism 8×8 DSP, a Symetrix xOut 12 Dante-to-analog expander, ARC-WEB virtual user interface and ARC-3 wall control panels.

To serve the differing needs of the various spaces in the venue, multiple loudspeaker types were used, including Tannoy ceiling loudspeakers in the first floor entry, Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeakers with Innovox subwoofers in the main dining room, Tannoy outdoor loudspeakers on the rooftop balcony, and diverse fill-in loudspeakers in other locations. These wildly different loudspeaker types throughout the restaurant require careful programming of the Prism DSP in order to match level and tonality between areas at all volume levels. The Symetrix Prism DSP provides the flexibility to use standard processing such as EQs, crossovers, duckers, limiters and compressors as well as more specialised processing such as loudness management modules to ensure that Mi Cocina lives up to the audiophile expectations of the owners.

Easy-to-use control of the audio system is provided by five Symetrix ARC-3 wall panels in discrete locations around the restaurant while a Symetrix ARC-WEB virtual user interface allows complete, browser-based control from a mobile phone or tablet. System designer Danny Salinas of AlleyCat AV explained: “The owners wanted to be able to walk in with their phones and log into the system, and with ARC-WEB they can do that, If they want the sound a little louder or something like that, they can easily adjust it.”

Mi Cocina required audiophile quality sound processing, the ability to fully customise the loudness response of each zone in addition to traditional audio processing, and simple system control from both wall controls and virtual controls on handheld devices. Symetrix manufactures the only DSPs capable of satisfying all these requirements and AlleyCat AV provided the expertise and craftsmanship necessary to turn the customers’ dreams into a fully realised, perfect system. This combination of meticulously designed hardware and software installed by talented professionals was the only way to provide a solution truly worthy of being part of the Mi Cocina experience.