The Hidden Club

ProjectThe Hidden ClubLocationSemarang, IndonesiaManufacturersMADRIX, GermanyDistributorNewVision Technology, TaiwanArchitectAntonius Richard, IndonesiaLighting DesignerHanny Harijanto, Lights Professional, IndonesiaInstallerLights Professional, IndonesiaAcousticianGita Laras, IndonesiaSubmitted byLights Professional / NewVision Technology / MADRIX

Hidden Club had become too hidden: outdated and out of sight.
A change was sorely needed. To become a modern club, the owner knew that the venue had to transform.

A unique and elegant design was needed.
An open atmosphere, an ambience full of light.
And LED lighting was to play a big part.

Hidden Club now presents itself as a wide open space with a very clean and distinctly linear aesthetic.
At the same time, it is very friendly and approachable thanks to its bright and shining flair.

The project uses over 13,000 LED RGB pixels on the upper walls and ceiling. The entire roof is covered with individually addressable lights as well.

Behind those lights, HPL has been coated with a material that resembles blasted steel. The intended aim is for the light to be reflected all around, creating beautiful light phenomenon.

The inspiration for this design comes from the Northern hemisphere where sunlight not only mixes with ice particles, but also the famous Aurora effect occurs.

A MADRIX system was the answer to the lighting-control needs. The entire lighting system was supplied, installed, and programmed by Hanny Harijanto and CS Au Yong and their team.

The second main design element for the icy theme and another visual highlight are the many glass blocks used around the venue. They make up tables, chairs, bars, DJ booths, and walls. Interior designers and the lighting specialists had to work closely together since those elements light up as well and needed to blend in smoothly.

Marble tables, entirely straight in their design or elegantly curved, complement the overall decor.

Each path on the floor to the lighting fixtures had to be carefully planned and prepared, with a variety of spots that were difficult to reach, 1) to not disrupt the aesthetic and 2) to allow future repairs and maintenance to be easier in general.

With the right lighting, the club easily transforms into a seemingly freezing ice cave with large ice blocks everywhere. The style is simply magnificent.