Telegrafen Oslo

ProjectTelegrafen OsloLocationOslo, NorwayManufacturersBose ProfessionalDistributorBravo, GermanyInstallerBravo, GermanySubmitted byBose Professional

A day inside Telegrafen Oslo could include everything from a conference in a customizable event room to lunch from the venue’s impressive kitchen to a darts tournament in a bar with a distinctly 80s vibe, or a full, luxurious, three-course meal and a late night of dancing and socializing.

The 3,200-square-meter venue consists of six modern and flexible event rooms, five unique bars, and three games zones with more than 40 different games and activities. Given this vast range of audio requirements across these different types of spaces, audio was critically important to ensure the right experience—no matter what the occasion.

The final solution included 14 distinct products serving different roles throughout the venue providing a cohesive, elegant audio solution. Products included DesignMax in-ceiling loudspeakers, Panaray MA12 family of modular columnar array loudspeakers, PowerSpace and PowerMatch amplifiers, and the Videobar VB1 all-in-one USB conferencing device.

While the diverse selection of loudspeakers provided a superior sound experience and integrated into the different styles throughout the building, having the Bose Videobar VB1 in the conferencing space ensured transparent conferencing technology for high productivity and ease of use for guests. The Videobar VB1 provides truly intuitive and quick connectivity with the single cable.

As stated by the venue: “What’s so cool about this project is the breadth of Bose components used throughout the venue. Telegrafen provides an amazing experience for the eyes and the ears thanks to Bose innovation and audio quality. In the restaurants is one experience, then as you move throughout the space — from the meeting rooms to all the other gathering areas — it’s an incredible, immersive experience.”

The DesignMax family of loudspeakers enable the best possible audio experience for visitors in the conference rooms and restaurants, no matter where they are. Couple that with intuitive and simple control via ControlSpace products and powerful sound from Panaray loudspeakers and PowerSpace amplifiers, the resulting solution is truly ready for anything. When guests enter the venue, the audio compliments the aesthetics, enhances their experience, and never becomes a distraction, regardless of where they are or their activities.

The variety of activities and type of events possible at Telegrafen Oslo means it attracts an assortment of visitors with a wide range of needs. These situations could easily create a headache for the audio engineers and staff. The largest obstacle was designing an audio system for a place with so much to offer yet provide a holistic and consistently high-quality experience.

Telegrafen Oslo needed a partner who could ensure high-quality sound in big, flexible spaces, larger educational facilities, restaurants, bars. In other words, Telegrafen Oslo needed distinct solutions suitable for everything from fun, experiential sound to clear audio for conferencing. By selecting a solution from a manufacturer who understands and designs audio for the widest range of events, the result was a diverse audio solution that met all their needs.

Telegrafen Oslo is a perfect example of today’s destination venues — one that caters to the needs of a variety of customers, from work to relaxation. By selecting Bose Professional, Bravo was able to provide consistency of experience with audio and video product families specifically designed and engineered for a variety of spaces. There was no need to incorporate three or four manufacturers to ensure the audio solution was flexible enough to meet the needs in each space. This means Telegrafen Oslo has the audio solution they need today, that’s flexible enough to adapt to any changes that may come in the future.