Raise Tokyo

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A specific aim of the acoustician in the audio design of this nightclub was to create an even sound space by eliminating all blind spots throughout the space. They also made meticulous adjustments to reduce cancellation.

The distinct designs of Void Acoustics’ Tri Motion and Airten V3 loudspeakers adorn the dancefloor, supported by a substantial number of Venu V2 and Stasys 118 subwoofers which are deployed throughout the venue to ensure even diffusion, clarity and seamless sound.

The ArcM 12 acts as an exceptional DJ monitor whilst the amplification is supported with the Bias D1, Bias Q1 and Bias Q2. All these products are perfect amplifiers for this type of club lounge install.

The system also includes the first Japanese installation of the Arcline 218 subwoofer, and is completed with Cirrus 6.1 ceiling speakers.

A special feature of the Royal VIP area located behind the DJ podium, was a specific request from the operator. They wanted the area to be enhanced with a significant bass ‘experience’, and so a Venu 215 V2 subwoofer is embedded behind the sofa for VIP guests to enjoy.

The team delivered a well-balanced audio-scape despite the constraints of limited space in the venue and various other unique challenges outlined below.

Raise nightclub is located on the 6th floor of the Tokyu Plaza skyscraper and boasts a floor-to-ceiling, 27 metre high glass frontage overlooking the trendy upmarket district of Ginza and the stunning high-rise Tokyo cityscape. The glass is polyhedral and has no parallel surfaces, so there are no standing waves from reflections. It is shaped to tilt inwards as it goes up, so the sound pressure of the bass is not reduced even on the upper floors. To reduce noise spill, the team improved the absorption to minimise the transmission of the sub on the floor and used a Forward Directivity Isolator (F.D.I) system. F.D.I suppresses resonance by surrounding the array with a unique structure to prevent sound leakage, whilst at the same time improving the impulse response and directivity. This results in a ‘tighter’ bass and a more natural sound.

Within the venue there were no interior walls from which to hang any fixtures, and so the entire sound system needed to be strategically mounted using bespoke structures. The inability to hang speakers was a major constraint to the sound plan and the team had to think outside the box to achieve the end vision desired by the client.

The global pandemic proved a challenge – with the Void Acoustics APAC Sales Manager being based in Singapore and unable to travel to Japan during the specification and installation process for the venue. The additional challenges of the installation were added to by the remote nature of advising the integrator on the ground. Being thorough in responses and advice, and with a keen attention to detail was critical, to give as much support to the team at eastaudio for them to fulfil the project.

Raise Tokyo is owned by prolific Japanese venue operator Lounge Operation and this remarkable nightclub and DJ lounge has opened to great acclaim in first few opening months.

Its bold mission statement is to ‘re-define the nightlife experience’ and few could argue that Raise Tokyo is a truly extraordinary 800 capacity, 740sqm nightclub installation with its unique futuristic design and the floor-to-ceiling glass fronted view over Japan’s ‘city that never sleeps’. It is the first time that eastaudio inc, (the integrator) had specified Void Acoustics for a Lounge Operation venue. But it seems that the potential of the venue, matched with Void Acoustics’ ethos of obsessive technical innovation and extraordinary design aesthetics has made the sonic installation a marriage made in heaven and one worthy of an award-winning accolade.

The overall audio installation and sonic end result is impactful and out-of-the-ordinary. As well as the beautiful and stylish aesthetics of the speakers, the exceptional audio design and sound quality is outstanding and perfectly reflects the discerning nightclub goers at Raise. The sound quality is luxurious and of an extremely high definition.

The Void sound system is also capable of accommodating the wide variety of music genres and the wide range of music played by the famous DJs who play at Raise.

One of the unique aspects of Void fixtures is that they can be bespoke finished to blend seamlessly with the rest of the décor, and the bespoke silver chrome finish of the Void speakers which feature prominently around the nightclub (and particularly on the dance floor and around the DJ set) are almost highlighted as visual addition to the interior design.