Moxy Williamsburg

ProjectMoxy WilliamsburgLocationNew York City, USAInstallerAnthem SSL Productions, USASubmitted by1 Sound

Moxy Williamsburg is a 216-room, 11-story boutique property in the heart of Williamsburg, right by the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge.

Anthem SSL Productions incorporated 1 SOUND loudspeakers in the audio design for three of the hotel’s new restaurants and bars.

Bar Bedford and the lobby bar is a destination cocktail bar and all-day café located in the lobby as the main bar and lounge with a designated dining room. Cannon C6s and C5s were used for the cafe and bar to play background music.

1 SOUND’s WSUB45s were incorporated for the low frequency and mounted to the ceiling using C-Clamps. The client chose a mix of stock black and white to match where the loudspeakers were mounted.

Lillistar is an indoor-outdoor rooftop bar with views of the Williamsburg Bridge and Manhattan skyline. This bar/lounge hosts DJs that play through the 1 SOUND system. Cannon C6s are mounted as pendants and aimed at utilising the C-Clamps.

Floor Subwoofers (FSUB45) are hidden underneath the booth seating for distributed bass along with a SUB310 inside the DJ booth in the centre of the lounge. The outdoor patio has C6s in the garden planters for sound reinforcement.