Live Dans Ton Salon

ProjectLive Dans Ton SalonLocationMontreal, CanadaManufacturersCHAUVET ProfessionalDistributorOn Stage A.V.Lighting DesignerGuy Laflamme and Marc André FrancoeurInstallerOn Stage A.V.Submitted byCHAUVET Professional and On Stage A.V.

As its name suggests, Live Dans Ton Salon (Live In Your Living Room) was created at the start of the pandemic as a means of providing people with professional quality live streamed performances they could enjoy at home.
Although some might have seen this as a “temporary” solution during a crisis, the overwhelming response to the studio’s wide mix of live streamed programming indicates that Live Dans Ton Salon is committed to remaining a vibrant force in the entertainment scene long into the future.
The level of this commitment is evident in the growth of the busy venue’s lighting rig. In June 2020 this production space was outfitted with 32 fixtures. Today that number is 138.
The CHAUVET Professional fixtures selected for the rig include six Maverick Force 2 Profiles, 18 Maverick MK2 Spots, 18 Maverick MK2 Washes, 8 Rogue R2x Spots, 12 Rogue R2X Beams, 12 Rogue R3 Beams, eight Rogue R1 FX-B units, and eight COLORado 2 Solos.

“We put the proper fixtures in the right places, said LD Laflamme. “On the middle tower and floor level, we have the MK2 Wash, which is perfect for soft washes and eye candy gems for the cameras. The MK2 Spot is positioned overhead and on truss towers; its beautiful color mixing is used to create the perfect backlight. Recently added to the rig is the Maverick Force 2 Profile, which is our principal source of key lighting. The Ovation Rêve E-3 ellipsoidal is adding color as well.”
The studio’s floor package is made up of the Rogue fixtures, including the Rogue R1-FX-B, which is positioned between blinders panels to create a wide range of high-impact looks. These floor fixtures are easily rearranged to accommodate the venue’s diverse assortment of shows.

During any given month, the venue host six or more acts, including everything from bands representing virtually every music genre to solo artists, comedians, gospel events, dramatical revues, and even cooking demos. More than three out of four of the visiting acts have Laflamme and Francoeur create the light shows for them. LDs who visit with other acts have been universally impressed with how the rig’s versatility allows them to tailor their light shows to reflect the individual style and personality of their clients.
“We had to design a set that would be able to accommodate all of the different types of shows, in a heartbeat,” said Francoeur. “By taking the time to place all of the different components of this strategic rig in place, we opened up limitless creative opportunities.”
To ensure that their rig had a high level of performance and flexibility, the designers wanted to have all the fixtures in it represent a single brand. They chose Chauvet after carefully evaluating different options.
A crucial consideration when evaluating each fixture was how well it could perform in a broadcast environment. “We did multiple tests with and without cameras,” said Laflamme. “Every type of fixture was examined to find the right recipe for the entire rig to become camera-friendly in every angle.”

Live Dans Ton Salon is a venue that looks to the future. Instead of accepting streaming as a temporary solution during a difficult time, their team is convinced that streaming will be a permanent part of the event landscape and this ethos is reflected in every part of the construction. No expenses were spared in giving the audience the best possible live experience every time, while an exceptional level of versatility allows for bands of different sizes, comedians, gospel events, dramatical revues, and even cooking demos. This projects is the perfect showcase of how forward-thinking choices can help define the media mix for years to come.

Writing about this mix of live streamed programs at the end of 2021, one critic at Le Journal de Québec observed that although uncertainty reigned around indoor shows, the programming of Live Dans Ton Salon would “never be canceled,” which, he declared, would “make the fun last.”