La Diva

ProjectLa DivaLocationValencia, SpainInstallerLynx Pro AudioSubmitted byLynx Pro Audio

La Diva is one of the most chic restaurants in Valencia, which opened its doors just over a year ago and is located near Calle Colón, the city’s shopping hub. Entering La Diva is like going back in time to the roaring 20s. The objective of the restaurant is to make you feel like a Diva; from its elegant and extravagant decoration to its unique gastronomy, the result of the fusion of flavours from around the world.

The decoration is its hallmark, being elegant and striking at the same time. This spacious restaurant has different decorations that divide each area according to use. Its strong point is not only its setting but also the gastronomy. La Diva offers a gastronomic journey that seeks to create original and innovative dishes that offer exquisite flavour in every bite.

In this restaurant, the sound system is key, since it not only uses ambient music to complete the diners’ experience, but at night the restaurant is transformed into a nightclub, so it needs versatile and powerful equipment capable of working in both environments.

From Thursday to Saturday nights, DJs enter the scene and the restaurant is transformed into a nightclub. From 11 p.m., the diners’ tables begin to be cleared and they are offered to go to the entrance bar for a cocktail or to the bathroom area that has a DJ in the booth. As the diners finish, the main room is cleared and transformed into a dance floor, and the venue into a nightclub.

In La Diva, small QB-5 installation enclosures have been installed, and painted in different RAL colours to blend in with the decoration and not damage the setting. They have been placed in areas such as the bathrooms, the entrance and the bar area to offer reinforcement for background music. These are the smallest systems among Lynx Pro Audio’s products, with a 5-inch transducer, 90º conic dispersion and 110 dB SPL (160W program).

The dancefloor is covered by a powerful installation of HR-1596/7, HR-8 and BS-12 enclosures. The HR-15 and HR-8 are found surrounding the entire main room, in white and gold, and the BS-12 are the sound reinforcement in the DJ booth.

Both the HR-1596/7 and the HR-8 are basic in the installation of these characteristics. HR-1596/7 is a full-range, two-way bi-amp/passive cabinet, with 700W power. It consists of a 15-inch transducer and a 1.4-inch high-frequency compression driver, with two dispersion options. Regarding the HR-8 system, it is a passive, lightweight and very versatile enclosure with an 8-inch transducer with a neodymium magnet and a 1-inch high-frequency compression driver. It offers 125 dB SPL (600W program). It is an excellent solution for all types of fixed projects and has a complete range of accessories to facilitate its installation.

The BS-12 is the ideal enclosure for this type of installation as it offers a wide range of applications (fixed, frontal and stage monitor installations). In this case, it’s installed in the DJ booth. BS-12 is a compact two-way passive enclosure, with a 12-inch loudspeaker for low frequencies and a 1-inch driver coupled to a 90º by 60º rotatable diffuser for high frequencies.

La Diva seems to have been taken from a design catalogue, with very striking decoration and furniture, a play of lights to create more exclusive environments, use of video-mapping on the walls of the main room, decorative palm trees, and more.