KiK Kunst im Keller

ProjectKiK Kunst im KellerLocationRied, AustriaInstallerAlcons AudioSubmitted byAlcons Audio

As part of comprehensive renovation and modernisation, the sound system received an upgrade with Alcons Audio. As KiK’s programme is extremely diverse, a powerful, flexible, and reliable sound system was required, with Viennese company Pro Performance once again selecting Alcons Audio.

Two of each Alcons VR12 and VR5 were installed, with a Sentinel10 Amplified Loudspeaker Controller to drive the system.

Alcons VR12 is a compact 12-in two-way multi-purpose loudspeaker for mobile applications and installations. Equipped with the patented RBN601 pro-ribbon driver, VR12 is ideal for applications that require high SPL and high-quality sound reproduction at the same time. VR12 can be used as the main PA, in AV applications or as a powerful monitor system.

Boasting equal versatility, the VR5 is a small-format two-way loudspeaker designed specifically for near-field applications where ultimate fidelity with wide horizontal and vertical coverage is required. The system offers the signature clear, dynamic, and ultra-low distortion Alcons sound of the larger systems in a very small and unobtrusive design. The VR5’s HF section features an RBN202 pro-ribbon driver, while a custom-designed 5-in Active Coil woofer provides ultra-low distortion LF reproduction.

“KiK needed a sound system that can accommodate a wide range of applications,” explained Wolfgang Sauter, owner of Pro Performance. “After all, the spectrum ranges from spoken word and cabaret to live musical performances covering anything from hard rock to EDM to folk music.

“Optimising the listening experience of the musicians and artists was just as important to the venue’s management as it was to enhance the audience’s perception. Since the room is not particularly large, they also requested a compact system.

“This was exactly what the cultural association at KiK wanted; great sound from smoothly running loudspeakers of high quality. Alcons V-Series systems met the specifications precisely and were therefore both our and the customer’s first choice.”

The chairman of the KiK association, Florian Bauböck, added: “Since the renovation two years ago, we have had the opportunity to try out different types of events and formats. We would particularly like to target a younger audience. The reason we opted for the Alcons systems was not only the sound quality. Rather, the complete package appealed to me right from the start.