Journey of Discovery

ProjectJourney of DiscoveryLocationHong Kong International Airport, ChinaLighting DesignerMoment Factory, CanadaInstallerHong Kong Telecom + Moment FactoryAcousticianMoment FactorySubmitted byMoment Factory

Hong Kong International Airport’s Journey of Discovery in Terminal 1 invites passengers to experience the joy of travel and the spirit of Hong Kong. Located at strategic touch points, multimedia activations contribute to this uniquely holistic effort to create a welcoming environment and impart a deep sense of place — from curb to gate.

The Twin Gardens bookend the Meeters and Greeters Hall, each featuring a network of scanners connected to cutting-edge game engine technology that generates real-time reactions in the content. The waterfall, the creek and the pond of the Gardens each leverage reactive technologies in different ways, providing a space for a diversity of activities for all ages, and facilitate accessibility through ramps leading into the Gardens.

The Crystal Elevator is a large screen wraps around the central elevator, replacing static graphics with dynamic content. Deployed on two levels, the physical elements, technology, and content are designed to operate at different scales and points of view. High-resolution screens reveal moments of wonder as passengers move toward the departure area.

The Totems of Joy are custom-designed pillars meant to be seen from different points of view. Arriving in the gate area, the totems are oriented so that gate numbers are clearly seen, providing intuitive way finding. The other surfaces allow for a more personal connection through storytelling content.

Integrating interactive technologies was key to achieving the client’s objectives which included creating brand-new, awe-inspiring experiences, and iconic moments for local and international travellers alike.

The challenges in doing so included developing designs that were feasible and creatively integrated into the architecture, as well as managing and identifying risks by intervening early on in the project. The success of the project relied on careful back-end integration.

The complexity and scale of the installations required a 360-degree approach to comply with airport regulations and align with experts from multiple airport departments, including operations, construction, and procurement teams.

The content strategy, design elements, and technology were tailored to achieve the desired passenger experience at every stage of their journey.

The project is innovative and has a comprehensive approach to providing immersive experiences for passengers at the airport. The Waterfall Gardens, Crystal Elevator, and Totems of Joy all showcase cutting-edge technology, customised design, and engaging content that capture the multifaceted spirit of Hong Kong.

Notably, the project team worked closely with multiple airport departments, including operations, construction, and procurement teams, to comply with airport regulations and ensure alignment with their needs. The resulting experiences offer passengers a unique and memorable journey through the airport, with each moment designed to cater to different interests and age groups.

Moreover, the project goes beyond conventional approaches to technology and reactivity, weaving a consistent narrative throughout and showcasing Hong Kong’s rich cultural heritage. With over 100 artists contributing to bring the Journey of Discovery to life, passengers are sure to be delighted with the moments of wonder, surprise, and pleasure that the experiences provide.

In summary, this project should win due to its innovative approach, attention to detail, and commitment to enhancing passengers’ journey through the airport. Going beyond conventional approaches to technology and reactivity, the experience weaves a consistent narrative throughout, offering a window into the magnificent kaleidoscope of Hong Kong.