John Martin’s Coral Gables

ProjectJohn Martin's Coral GablesLocationFlorida, USAInstallerDRVCS ProductionsSubmitted byK-array USA

John Martin’s Coral Gables was important to K-array because it was not only chosen for every room’s audio reinforcement, but the team was able to incorporate its sister brand, KGEAR into this project as well.

KGEAR products were developed over the pandemic shutdown and the manufacturer has only continued to flourish for itself with a multitude of added benefits, price point being one.

The audio equipment was installed across multiple spaces within the venue. For instance, in the main bar, there are two KP102 I, K-WALL2, and KS3P I. Elsewhere, there are two KP102 I and K-WALL2 in the stage as well as two GCF8 installed in the bathroom, upstairs, bathroom, and game room.

The upstairs lounge contains eight GF82 and GF-WALL as well as two KMT12P. The main dining area downstairs is fitted with two KU2124 four KP52 I, and four K-WALL2. Whereas in the indoor garden two KU210, four KP52 I, and four K-WALL2 have been installed along with two KU210, four KP52 I and four K-WALL2 in the Indoor Garden.

With nine different zones needing audio, K-array and all associated parties had to design multiple systems, none with the same need.

For example, we had to address indoor and outdoor locations, all with different levels of SPL output needed. The use of loudspeakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and accessories to wall mount to complete this accurately.