Ferrari Capital Markets Day

ProjectFerrari Capital Markets DayLocationMaranello, ItalyArchitectRocco BellanovaLighting DesignerNinetynine, ItalyInstallerScenoluminoso, ItalySubmitted byinoage GmbH – MADRIX

Ferrari Capital Markets Day 2022- A world-renowned brand celebrates its 75th anniversary. The expectations could hardly have been higher. The recognition could hardly have been more rewarding.

The Italian event agency Ninetynine accomplished an extraordinary event and formed the three distinct parts into a cohesive whole— a grand celebration of everything that makes Ferrari so iconic.

The corporate event included the company’s financial and strategic presentations to investors and other stakeholders. It also meant the celebration of Ferrari’s eventful history with 500 guests from all corners of the globe. And a lucky few could sneak a private peak at the highly anticipated supercar Purosangue, Ferrari’s first fully electric vehicle.

It is only fitting that the event made extensive use of LEDs. Scenoluminoso, with general manager Pietro Toppi, Claudio Cianfoni and Omar as operators, and Daniele Ficociello, was tasked by Ninetynine with the setup.

For one, 1700 metres of dynamic LED strips accentuated the exhibition areas of Ferrari’s history and supercar. They also literally represented guiding lines for guests to navigate between the exhibits and conference areas. The elaborate lighting setup further enhanced the company’s presentations and altered the atmosphere as different topics were covered.

The absolute highlight came at nightfall. As the brand-new Ferrari Daytona SP3 drove along the famous Fiorano circuit in Maranello, the racetrack came to life spectacularly.

Light after light, row after row lit up in vivid colours and alluring patterns.
Filmed by several drones and broadcast to large LED walls, the captivating visuals started to form images and animations for the immersed audience. The visual spectacle awakened the carmaker’s history unlike anything seen before.

The entire lighting design was composed of 89,000 metres of dynamic LED strings. 172,000 lights with a total of 1.039.280 LED points. A technological milestone that illuminated a total area of 112,959.27 sq m.

41 Scenoluminoso technicians were required for 10 days of installation to create officially the ‘largest LED-illuminated racetrack’.

The labour-intensive work created a huge canvas that could unfold its potential in the dark and wowed every spectator.

Scenoluminoso required both a potent content player as well as a capable pixel mapper.
It found the first in Resolume and the second in MADRIX 5.

Due to the extensive arrangement of LED strips and the vast area covered, Claudio Cianfoni used all his experience and advanced features of MADRIX 5 to pixel-map the complicated real-world installation.

The enormous size made common workflows ineffective and needed practical solutions, such as using drones to double-check to correct addressing of single light points.

The demanding setup was met with the admiration of viewers and the gratification of the client.

People at the event weren’t the only ones to regard it as a highly successful event. Ninetynine and its partners went on to win two Best Events Awards for the Ferrari Capital Markets Day 2022, Bea Italy, and Bea World.