Club Jolie

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This project witnesses the install of over 40 loudspeakers across a 20,000 square ft space in a short period of time. The models specified include numerous compact Genelec 8010As, several S360As and a 7382 sub woofer. A very specific vibe was cultivated in each room, achieved through a combination of interior design and soundscaping. Part of the brief was to ensure the loudspeakers were kept out of the way and weren’t visually distracting.

The client wanted loudspeakers with high fidelity and potential for high SPL, to accommodate visiting DJs and live music. However, they also required the loudspeakers to be compact and seamlessly blend with the interior design.

The project was intensively planned by Pandam Pro Audio over a two-month period; however, the actual integration was carried out in an extremely tight 20-day period, leaving no room for error. During this time the team had to deploy over 40 loudspeakers throughout the club, in various settings. This was where Genelec’s streamlined design proved itself to be of real value, with a combination of GLM calibration software and rear panel compensation switches allowing the adjustment of the speakers to their environment in a matter of moments, drastically minimising installation time.

The event space needed the capacity to satisfy a wide range of functions, presenting the challenge of providing high SPL with a dynamic range. To deal with this, Pandam Audio specified a classic Genelec pairing of several S360As with the low end augmented by a 7382A subwoofer. This combination delivers a class-leading balance of extraordinary SPL output with an expansive range and an intensely detailed, transparent performance.

Whilst they were mounting the loudspeakers, they had to make sure there were no unwanted vibrations propagating from the loudspeakers. In such a prestigious members club, each room needs to retain its own atmosphere with little-to-no sound leakage. Pandam achieved this with careful positioning using brackets and wall mounts. Each was precisely tilted to provide the best possible listening angle.

For the rest of the club, the client wanted the loudspeakers to be as unobtrusive as possible. To fulfil this requirement, Pandam opted to use Genelec’s 8010As, which deliver the brand’s hallmark sound quality in an ultra-compact format. The purpose of these loudspeakers was primarily to provide background music (BGM).

– This project witnesses the install of over 40 loudspeakers across a 20,000 square ft space in a short period of time.
– Genelec’s GLM auto-calibration software and room compensation switches are a dream for individual room tuning.
– Genelec’s ultra-compact 8010As are perfect for this installation, where the client wanted the system to sound good whilst being visually unobtrusive.
– The sleek aesthetic of the Genelec enclosures blends seamlessly with Club Jolie’s sophisticated décor.

Pretty by name and pretty by nature, Club Jolie is a luxury private members-only club that has made its mark on Mumbai. The experience offers the finest mix of culture, cuisine and cocktails available, and with the implementation of a Genelec sound system, world-class audio to match. The project was completed in record time, with the audio integrators only being on site for 20 days.

Club Jolie’s management were so impressed by the initial sound demonstration, that they immediately decided to go with Genelec. This highlights why the brand is so synonymous with luxury, high-quality sound.

A variety of Genelec loudspeakers have been utilised in different spaces within Club Jolie to achieve optimum results. This installation showcases the exceptional scope that Genelec’s range of loudspeakers cover. Furthermore, the install highlights the various technologies that Genelec have implemented in their loudspeakers. Both the room compensation switches and the GLM calibration software present on the S360A afford the integrators a greater degree of flexibility, fine tuning the setup on a room-by-room basis.


“The team’s professionalism and sensitivity with regards to this project were both impeccable. We are delighted with the result!”
– Manish Rathi, Senior Vice President at Club Jolie