Chateau Denmark

ProjectChateau DenmarkLocationLondon, UKInstallerButler Harwell, UKAcousticianVoid Acoustics, UKSubmitted byVoid Acoustics

Chateau Denmark is a unique, high-end installation of 55 rooms, apartments, and signature suites across 16 buildings. It boasts some unique Void Acoustics systems including a bespoke product designed to meet a specific challenge of the brief.

The brief required exceptional individual audio systems for the “session rooms”, suites and apartments. It was a brief like no other including bespoke systems in the bedrooms, alongside separate audio systems to be integrated into each bathroom.

The guest apartments include Air Motion and Airten V3 speakers from Void’s flagship Air Series. Both products are celebrated for their unorthodox design and exceptionally balanced sound. Alongside this, the Sub Vantage subwoofer was deployed for low-frequency coverage and the systems are all powered by user-friendly Bias amplifiers, acknowledged for their energy-saving efficiency with a low carbon footprint.

Void’s Cyclone 10, Cyclone 55, and Air 8 loudspeakers are found in several apartments, easily distinguishable by Void’s signature fibreglass enclosures. The lower ends of the frequency spectrum are provided by the active Venu 210i V2 and passive Venu 208, recommended for the project based on the extremely compact nature and high-power output. All products except the powered Venu 210i V2 are run through Bias amplifiers, ensuring quality and maximising the performance of the systems thanks to the range of optimised custom presets.

Air 8 loudspeakers feature in several rooms, and these fibreglass speakers were selected based on their aesthetic appearance and their bold stylistic impact on installations. The Air 8 was also adopted for its impressive 119 dB (cont.) output and optimised dispersion pattern.

With each bathroom specification, Void’s IP-55-rated Cyclone series loudspeakers present a robust and long-lasting solution that perfectly aligns with the brief. Technical considerations for the bathroom included the length of the floorplan, which was tackled by the Cyclone 55’s wide dispersion pattern, reducing the need for additional loudspeakers. Given the presence of humidity and the likelihood of temperature fluctuation in the bathrooms, this was best combated with the weather-protected Cyclone series, equipped with an IP-55 rating and offering much greater acoustic fidelity over traditional ceiling speakers.

One of the main challenges with this ambitious project was respecting the age and heritage of the sixteen varied buildings where the hotel was being installed, whilst answering the creative vision which could not be comprised by these challenges.

Some of the buildings are over 100 years old but faced with these parameters the design and integration team set about installing a high-end install featuring the very best audio, lighting, and AV available.

One particular audio challenge was the bespoke design of a unique product to meet the exacting brief. The rooms of Chateau Denmark embrace a less traditional format with quirky floorplans embraced throughout – leaving insufficient space for traditionally sized amplifier racks. Therefore, the team turned their attention to the one-off design of the Bias T1 amplifier module, a custom-made four-channel amplifier solution with audio DSP control. This was designed to ensure optimal performance from the system whilst accommodating the limited space available in the apartments.

A collaboration with the interior designer Taylor Howes gave birth to something spectacular. The Venu 210i V2 subwoofers for the Air 8 speakers were built into the sofas in each apartment. This was an exceptional space-saving exercise that the Void Acoustics team were prepared to accommodate without compromising the precise audio delivery of the speaker.

The Venu 210i V2 was utilised in several rooms for its built-in amplifier and DSP, which dramatically reduces the need for additional equipment and amplifier racks, alongside allowing the system to be controlled remotely, in a nature that is user-friendly.

Such technical challenges offer evidence of how Void Acoustics ensured precision in the audio installation and specialist integration of their products into the unique spaces that Chateau Denmark offers its guests.

The Chateau Denmark brand has a strong design ethos which aligns closely with the design philosophy running through all Void Acoustics’ products – those of extraordinary design aesthetics coupled with obsessive technical innovation and unparalleled audio quality. Void Acoustics’ products create the opportunity to move people through unforgettable, immersive sound and the integration of their systems throughout this unique hotel setting truly encompasses these qualities.

The Chateau Denmark project has been a high-end, high-profile, imaginative transformation in unique and challenging spaces when adapting to a hotel environment, helping to firmly position Void Acoustics as a key player for professional audio for luxury hospitality and leisure projects.

The Void Acoustics deployment at Chateau Denmark demonstrates flexibility and the willingness to design bespoke solutions to meet some unique challenges – including the one-off design of the Bias T1 amplifier module for installation into limited room spaces and the collaboration with the interior designer to position subwoofers within sofa casings.

The installation of Void Acoustics throughout the rooms, apartments and signature suites of Chateau Denmark also demonstrates how Void Acoustics is suitable for every genre of music in multiple and varied applications – from the high-end nightclub systems they are more famously known for, to stylish hotel installations, combined with an inspired and clever use of their weather-proof IP-55 rated Cyclone series into an indoor setting.

Simply put, the building spaces throughout Chateau Denmark and Void Acoustics’ products are diametrically opposite – very quirky old structures meet futuristic and state-of-the-art kit. With the vision of the integrator, the uniqueness of the building and its historical provenance within the music industry, combined with some iconic styling and the incredible performance capabilities of Void Acoustics… makes Void Acoustics’ involvement with Chateau Denmark a project worthy of award-winning status.