Brasserie Tullhuset

ProjectBrasserie TullhusetLocationNorrkoping, SwedenInstallerPADAB Ljud & Ljus AB, SwedenSubmitted byVinceremo Ent. BV

The Tullhuset Brasserie is the perfect illustration of how to turn a very traditional high-standard restaurant into a more vibrant social habitat, which later in the evening invites visitors to a little dance or intimate talk, only by choosing the right fixture with a state of the art control, tailor-made for the location, and easy to operate.

The challenge was to provide the restaurant with the possibility to bring some subtle animation and a festive atmosphere conserving a delicate look, without being too disco or club. The Vinci Pearl does not at all look clubby and its looks would never reveal it being a true RGB-Filament effect fixture.

198 Individual Lucenti Vinci Pearl bulbs divided over three sections of the roof into different levels, controlled over three Vinci Controllers by DMX. In order to be able to easily make nice mapped effects but also have reliable control with control options from other control systems for lights in the house, the team chose a Visual Productions Quadcore.

The Vinci Pearl receives its data over the powerline and is individually addressed. Padab programmed pixel-mapped effects on the Visual Productions Cuelux and then transferred them into the memory of the Quadcore device which we can be recalled via a variety of protocols.

In this case, the team use OSC programmed into push buttons on a touch panel from Visual Productions called Kiosk where the customer can easily choose stylish lighting for dinners, advanced pixel-mapped effects and choose colours according to the customer’s varied needs.