Arlington ISD Center for Visual and Performing Arts

ProjectArlington ISD Center for Visual and Performing ArtsLocationDallas, Tx USManufacturersAbsen IncDistributorLantekInstallerIdibri USSubmitted byAbsen Inc

Two Absen 3.8mm pixel walls were installed for the performing arts center. One wall was 18 ft x 18 ft and used 324 panels. the other was a 20 x 12 ft wall using 121 panels. Each wall has a pixel pitch of 3.8mm and resolution of 3480 hz. They were used as a visual backdrop for a myriad of performances including: Recitals, plays, and other performing arts scenarios.

The challenge was finding the right solution that worked for the district. Lantek and Idibri were instrumental in working with Arlington ISD to get it installed.

This is a high quality performing arts center that students can use to make memorable memories. It also teaches them what performing on stage would be in the real world. With both the educational component mixed in, the Arlington ISD Center for Visual and Performing Arts is a winner.