44 Toronto

Project44 TorontoLocationToronto, CanadaLighting Designeridesign, USAInstallerDymax, Mississauga ON. CanadaAcousticianDas Audio, John Fiorito, USASubmitted byidesign

44 Toronto is a unique space where it’s long and narrow. Michael Meacham from idesign created an interesting grid pattern that constantly provides video effects along with over 100 moving lights so wherever a guest is in the room, they get to experience a great lighting and video show.

Due to Covid restrictions, idesign’s project manager Holmes Ives, could not be onsite to work with the Dymax installation team to build a complex ceiling grid design. A laptop was set up and Holmes worked with the team remotely over video for several weeks. Dymax did a fantastic install for all the lighting, video, and audio systems.

The venue’s audio system includes: E11even Sound by DAS Audio, E11even Amps, Pioneer CDJ’s and Pioneer DJM. ES221 ground stackable two by 2000W. As well as this, four ES-10 400W, 4 ES-26 Dual 6-inch with horn 400W, and finally four E11even Sound Amps.

Lighting for the project is composed of 104 Cameo Movobeam 100’s and 18 Cameo Opus S5. Lighting controls include Avolites Q3 Media Server, grandMA2 Wing, and grandMA2 NPU’s.

As for visuals, the team used 265 Custom LED video bars throughout the ceiling design and horizontally up the columns along with a P3.9 Video screen.