Tipstar Dome Chiba

ProjectTipstar Dome ChibaLocationChiba City, JapanManufacturersClaypakyDistributorTechnical Supply JapanLighting DesignerYuji Yokoi (Lighting Designer)Submitted byTechnical Supply Japan

The recently renamed Tipstar Dome Chiba, formerly Chiba JPF Dome, hosted Japan’s first track cycling tournament in October where an array of Claypaky lighting fixtures played key roles.

The PIST6 Championship was the first cycling competition in Japan to pursue both speed and entertainment in cycling. The new type of sporting event combined art, food and fashion while pitting top athletes from Japan and abroad against each other in a high-level competition to determine the world’s fastest cyclists.

Tipstar Dome Chiba is an indoor velodrome located in Chiba City, Japan. It boasts a total area of more than 14,000 square meters, an international-standard 250-metre wooden racetrack and seating for about 2,000 spectators. The venue hosts not only cycling competitions but also e-Sports, drone events and live music shows.

Lighting Designer Yuji Yokoi deployed 30 Claypaky Xtylos, 26 Midi-B and 12 Shar-Bar fixtures, provided by Claypaky distributor Technical Supply Japan, as the main lighting fixtures for PIST6.

“For this project, the production team at JET tasked us with utilising front-line products and technology we had never seen before,” he noted. “When I suggested Xtylos, which I had seen at exhibitions, the director liked its leading-edge features, and we started planning the rig around Claypaky products.”

Yokoi explains that Xtylos, the first beam effect moving head with a laser light source, “satisfied everything that we were looking for in this project – especially Xtylos’s red beam, which was the image colour in our design. The red beam was bright and solid, unmatched by any other product.”

Claypaky’s products ticked every box and performed brilliantly, making the PIST6 Championship a huge success.