The Angeles, Holly Blue, Marvin’s Room

ProjectThe Angeles, Holly Blue, Marvin’s RoomLocationFort Lauderdale, Florida, USAManufacturersVoid Acoustics, United KingdomDistributorVoid AcousticsInstallerDavid Cardaci, Knallhart Management GroupSubmitted byVoid Acoustics

Because it is a multi-purpose project, the venue boasts a significant range of Void Acoustic products.

The nightclub sound system for The Angeles is a flagship installation for Void Acoustics featuring a fully integrated Incubus system which is perfect for large design-led clubs. The nightclub covers 6,000 square foot with a capacity 650-700 people across a main floor and VIP mezzanine. The Incubus encapsulates the design philosophy running through all Void products of extraordinary design aesthetics coupled with unparalleled sound quality. Incubus covers the entire audio spectrum – each element addresses specific bands in order to cover the full range of the music being played and offers exceptional control about how the music is heard because the ranges are so well defined. At the base of the Incubus are the Incubus Subs with hybrid horns covering the sub bass octaves and covering 20 Hz – 65 Hz. Hyperfold Subs optimise the punchy fast bass octaves. At the top are the Incubus Top – the Air Arrays covering mid-bass, mid-range and high-frequency. Additional fill is supplied by the Stasys 118, Venu 115 V2 and Venu 215 V2 subwoofers, and carefully positioned Air Motion speakers. DJ monitoring is handled by two Air Vantages paired with Venu 215 subwoofers. The overall club system is supported by the powerful Bias Q5 and Bias Q2 amplifiers.

The main restaurant ‘Holly Blue’ has indoor and outdoor veranda space accommodating 220 covers and utilises the weather protected IP-55 rated Cyclone 8 and Cyclone Bass, permitting seamless sound and consistent design throughout. Supported by Indigo 6S, Indigo 6 Pro and Indigo Subs alongside Cirrus 6.1 ceiling speakers, Holly Blue’s audio system was integrated with the Bias Q1 energy-saving and low carbon footprint amplifier.

Marvin’s Room is an exclusive 450 square foot room with the feel of a boutique cocktail lounge for up to 35 guests. The Void deployment here includes the sculpted Indigo 6 Pro speakers – a higher power version of the Indigo 6S for improved efficiency and audio output. These are complemented by Indigo Sub speakers and the Bias Q1 amplifier.

One of the main challenges with this ambitious project was that no structural changes were permitted to the fabric and exterior of the building – it had to be maintained as it was from the outside. However the team were permitted a blank canvas on the interior design and structure of the building.

Owner, operator and integrator David Cardaci’s creative vision for this multi-purpose venue embraced these restrictions imposed as a result of renovating a historical building. Within these parameters the design team set about installing a high-end install featuring the very best audio, lighting, and AV available. This included maintaining its original features, in particular the beautiful stained-glass windows which are a distinctive element of The Angeles nightclub.

Another major challenge in creating this unique multi-purpose venue was the potential for sound leakage – both externally, and between venues. Hardly surprising given that the team were converting a building over 100 years old into a modern designer nightclub and restaurant! And so, one of the biggest project investments has been the insulation of the building to avoid any anticipated noise leakage. This included a huge amount of work on the ceiling, as well as applying multiple layers to the walls. The windows have been renovated, and sound proofed with two layers of hurricane impact glass.

Ensuring the building was fit-for-purpose in terms of minimising noise disturbance was also extremely important because the building is located in the middle of a densely populated residential area of Fort Lauderdale. So it was crucial to consult with the local community before, during and after the installation which has proved invaluable. The end result has been a structure which keeps the sound confined to the specific areas of the venue and prevents any noise leakage at all, either inter-venue, or from inside to outside.

Void Acoustics’ ethos embodies obsessive technical innovation and extraordinary design aesthetics. Void’s products create the opportunity to move people through unforgettable, immersive sound. The integration of Void Acoustics systems throughout this multi-purpose venue truly encompasses these qualities.

Combined, The Angeles nightclub, Holly Blue restaurant and boutique lounge bar ‘Marvin’s Room’ are a bold, imaginative and ambitious renovation and re-purposing of a neglected historical building. This makes it an extremely unique project where a 125-year-old church building has been transformed into a modern restaurant and design-led nightclub.

It has been a high-end, high-profile 11,000 square foot, multi-purpose transformation for David Cardaci and Knallhart Management Group. David is known throughout his 20-year career in the hospitality and leisure sectors for his large scale and imaginative projects although never before in a disused church!

Specifying Void Acoustics was the perfect solution for supplying audio throughout the project. There were distinct parts to the project and how to best serve these needed careful consideration. The breadth of Void Acoustics fixtures and systems has been demonstrated in a seamless and consistent way throughout. Not least, the specification for the main space, nightclub ‘The Angeles’ has enabled the deployment of a fully-fledged, high-end custom Void Incubus system – which is the perfect installation setting for this large scale club system and which truly does justice to the majestic space it occupies.

The installation of Void Acoustics throughout the building also demonstrates how Void Acoustics is suitable for every genre of music and multiple and varied applications – from high-end nightclub to stylish dining and intimate cocktail bar areas, along with external verandas where weather-proof IP-55 rated speakers are required.

Another unique aspect of Void Acoustics products has also been well utilised throughout the various element of the venue as system components were all custom coloured to complement the overall venue design and colour palette in each area of the multi-purpose venue.

All in all, the vision of the integrator, the uniqueness of the building, the multi-purpose aspect of the project and the iconic styling and incredible performance capabilities of Void Acoustics surely make this an award winning project!