Scandic Grand Central

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A staggering 17 meeting and event facilities of varying sizes were equipped with a grand total of twenty-eight Genelec 4030s, as well as two powerful 4040s. This end-to-end Genelec solution is capable of handling everything from background music (BGM) to high-energy DJ sets and live events, such as the ice hockey World Championship games.

The preservation of its historical former glory was a key element in the integration: “The building has a long history, and part of our brief was that this should be preserved as much as possible. The installation therefore had to be planned extremely carefully from the outset, as the Finnish Heritage Agency (FHA) had to approve all the installation methods,” says Kristian Sahenkari, Partner and Key Account Manager at Murea. On the one hand, this limited the model selection, as well as making the process much more dependent on approvals.

Maintaining the aesthetic and spacious feel of the rooms was essential. Loudspeaker positioning was designed in tandem with the FHA and an interior design company, both of whom wanted all technology to be as invisible as possible. It was difficult to find a loudspeaker that delivered the required audio quality, whilst visually complementing each room. Fortunately, the design of the Genelec loudspeakers solved this issue with the sleek curvature of the enclosure lending itself to any space. Combined with Genelec’s wide range of mounting accessories, the loudspeaker could be optimally positioned for function as well as aesthetic.

The 4040 and 4030s active design, with on-board amplification, removes the need for bulky external amplifier racks, drastically reducing cabling, and therefore installation times.

This project was as much about finding a company with a similar ethos and outlook on sustainability as it was about the audio quality. Genelec’s comforting fidelity, as well as their undying commitments to sustainability that suits Scandic perfectly, ticking all the boxes.

– Genelec’s loudspeakers accentuate, rather than disrupt, the historic interior of the hotel.
– The system fulfils a range of functions, including high-end conferencing as well as general background music (BGM).
– The system is centrally managed/monitored, making it easy for staff to control.
– Genelec’s sustainable principles align with Scandic Hotel’s philosophy.

Nordic’s largest hotel operator with a network of some 280 hotels across six countries. Scandic is a pioneer in Corporate Social Responsibility) practices. The chain has won numerous awards. Recently, they were recognised for their commitment to sustainability, a philosophy which Genelec certainly shares. The listed building, originally completed in 1909, underwent a two-year transformation which pairs the glamour of a bygone era combined with every modern comfort. The Genelec team had to successfully collaborate with the FHA and interior designers to maintain its historical beauty.

The client stated that Genelec “was an obvious choice from the start,” as the high-quality resonates with Scandic’s brand and core values. Their meeting and conference facilities represent an important revenue stream and so they wanted the best possible equipment for these sophisticated, highly specified spaces.

The entire AV system spreads across three floors but is centrally managed and processed, to make it easy for staff to control. Auxiliary racks were installed for the I/Os as the signal paths are mostly digital via Dante.


“Genelec definitely ticked all the boxes for this installation. It’s a high quality Finnish brand built according to sustainable principles; an extremely important point for Scandic in light of their strong commitment to sustainability. Additionally, the timeless design of Genelec loudspeakers and their ability to deliver crystalline audio quality for decades to come made them the perfect choice. Everyone is happy” – Kristian Sahenkari, Partner and Key Account Manager at Murea.