Kadwa Patidar Centre

ProjectKadwa Patidar CentreLocationKadwa Patidar CentreManufacturersTW AUDiO, Powersoft, Yamaha Audio-TechnicaInstallerFlipside SoundsystemSubmitted byFlipside Soundsystem

A state-of-the-art new sound system has been installed at KPC with the aim of improving the overall sound quality and experience for users of the space. The main hall features six per-side arrays of TW AUDiO ELLA6, all painted white and mounted on the proscenium for maximum discretion. Two TW AUDiO B30i subwoofers are positioned beneath the stage for low-end support while power is courtesy of Powersoft Quattrocanali and Duecanali amps. Away from the main hall, Yamaha VXS and VXC loudspeakers are used for office spaces and various other rooms while in the annex hall, TW AUDiO C5 enclosures are mounted in each corner, driven by a single Powersoft Duecanali. A Yamaha control system has also been installed, with an MRX7D digital open architecture matrix and control panels providing KPC staff with simple, intuitive control over their entire system. Completing the audio solution, an Audio-Technica System 3000 8-channel wireless microphone system provides high-quality vocal input.
The fundamental goal for KPC to have a state-of-the-art system that would remove the need to hire in external audio solutions has been met and it now benefits from having a controllable and consistent sound system that enhances the events it hosts. It has also driven down costs for the venue and reduced overall setup time for an event as it is a system that is always there working in the background, rather than one that needs to be brought in and set up for every event.
The networked nature and simple user interface provide further benefits for KPC. The centre is run by a team of volunteers, so having an intuitive touchscreen control for simple processes ensures that any member of the team is able to work easily on the system.
A further direct benefit for KPC is with its reputation. The venue is already popular despite the flaw with its audio system and ELLA will help to build on this. Investing in the new system will highlight to the community that KPC listens to the concerns of its clients and acts on them to create an outstanding experience for any event.

The Kadwa Patidar Centre (KPC) in Harrow is a busy wedding venue popular within London’s Hindu community. KPC is always fully booked for weddings every weekend throughout the year and also hosts community events during the week. Despite its popularity, one element that was limiting the venue was its aging sound system that was no longer fit for purpose. Event organisers had taken to hiring in portable systems instead of using the in-house solution, delivering a more expensive and less satisfactory solution.
KPC overcame this with the help of local AV specialists Flipside Soundsystem. From its first visit, the systems integrator knew that the musicality required by the venue would make TW AUDiO the right choice, while the 26m x 26m main room with reflective surfaces on all sides and a wide, shallow stage framed by a low proscenium seemed perfectly suited to the manufacturer’s ELLA system which combines the slim form factor of a column with the flexibility of a line array plus built-in passive cardioid technology.
The challenge here was this would be the first time the solution had been installed in the UK, and any initial reluctance from KPC was overcome by hearing the system in action. “It’s always a risk when you are trying to persuade people to be pioneers, but we were confident with the solution we were suggesting to KPC and they were open to trying something new,” says Flipside Soundsystem MD, James Cooper. “I pushed to do a demonstration because I wanted them to hear why ELLA is so ideal for the space. And it went brilliantly. We just hung it up, turned it on and it sounded great.”
“We wanted to know what our options were,” adds Lettings Director, Hasmukh Patel. “The systems that were suggested and demonstrated by Flipside were excellent, but ELLA was outstanding.”
The ELLA system is part of a wider audio install that ensures high-quality sound throughout KPC. Driven by Powersoft amplifiers and controlled via a Yamaha matrix, the Dante-networked solution delivers a complete sound system that meets the requirements of the venue as well as its users.

As the first installation of ELLA in the UK, Flipside’s project at KPC is certainly worthy of winning this award. But beyond this, it is the detail, planning and skill that has gone into the project that make it even more compelling.
The planning that went into ensuring the first ELLA in the UK sounded as good as possible included creating and installing customised bracketry so that the hangs could be precisely angled in the main hall. This ensured that the sound was focused exactly where it needed to be and kept away from the reverberant surfaces.
A further detail came with the time aligning of the spaces. When visitors enter KPC through the lobby, the main hall is directly in front of them. To make sure the experience is perfect from the very start, Flipside time aligned the ceiling speakers in the lobby to the ELLA system in the main hall. This means that with the doors open to welcome guests, the sound is continuous rather than confusing.
While the main hall is the headline area, it was also important that other spaces were treated with the same level of detail. The 25m x 14m annex hall with its floor-to-ceiling windows was given the same voicing as the main hall with a compact TW AUDiO C5 solution positioned to minimise reverberation in the space.
The installation took place during the covid lockdowns, giving both KPC and Flipside the unique opportunity to deliver a perfectly tuned solution while the venue was unable to host events. This meant that more time could be dedicated to the installation process that would not normally be available for such a busy venue. The result of this is truly outstanding and has won universal praise from the volunteer committee that run the venue.
KPC deserves particular praise for involving Flipside early in the process and making a brave choice. KPC chose the best sounding solution ahead of many ‘safer’ choices which demonstrates the courage of an organisation that wants to ensure its venue delivers the best experience for the community it serves.