Hilton Bay Absolut Beach & Surf

ProjectHilton Bay Absolut Beach & SurfLocationTel Aviv, IsraelManufacturersVoid Acoustics, United KingdomDistributorKahane Group / New Audio Pro Ltd, IsraelArchitectUri Ben-Dor, IsraelInstallerKahane Group / New Audio Pro Ltd, IsraelAcousticianDudu Dahan, Alon Laski, Yossi Edri, Jonny Katz, Asaf Sasson, IsraelSubmitted byVoid Acoustics

The audio system installed into this venue needed to be robust and adaptable to the outdoor environment where it is located on the beachfront. In addition to which the venue is open all day, through to night-time and needed to be adjustable to the resulting changes in vibe and atmosphere.

Central to the Void specification are Cyclone 8, Cyclone 10, Cyclone 55 and Cyclone Bass speakers all with an IP-55 rating. These were complemented by Air 8s from Void’s Air Series and Arcline 118 subwoofers. The Air 8s are ideal for high-end venues such as this beach bar. The Arcline 118 is more commonly seen in touring applications, but these fixtures were considered a perfect solution for the subwoofer requirements of this permanent installation.

Additional fill was provided by the robust Venu 12, with the overall system being supported by the lightweight, four channel Bias Q2 amplifier and fully integrated D1 signal processor.

With this specification the operator is able to manage the vibe in the venue and the type of energy they wish to create, dependent on the time of day, the event, and the music being played by the DJ.

Hilton Bay Absolut Beach & Surf is located in a very popular city beach resort Atzmaut Beach in Tel Aviv, with a plethora of bars and restaurants for people to choose from. More commonly known as Hilton Beach because of the sumptuous Hilton Hotel which dominates the beachfront, the specification for the venue was demanding, aiming to offer customers a high-end experience with an exclusive feel. The integrator therefore needed to match the practicalities of a beach venue with a high-end specification brief from the owner-operator in order to meet high customer expectations.

Key to this was ensuring the audio system was fit-for-purpose given the fact it is an entirely outdoors venue and in close proximity to the sea. Void’s IP-55 rated Cyclone range therefore came into their own; all these fixtures are designed with weather protected fibreglass enclosures as standard, and are perfect for a seamless interior and exterior use in a venue such as this.

There was also the challenge of installing this completely outdoor renovation in the midst of the blazing heat of a Tel Aviv summer. Added to which the project renovation took place during the global pandemic. This meant more challenging time-scales – a sense of urgency when the project got the green light; combined with the pressures of delivering in a timely manner; and the additional pandemic pressures of venues and business being closed for a long time, but then able to re-open again on a moment’s notice.

Yet despite all these challenges and in particular the constantly changing worldwide situation, the highly skilled team from New Audio Pro – Void Acoustics’ strong Israeli distributor – enabled the project to be seamlessly installed, on time and in budget, much to the delight of their client.

This was a complete refurbishment and renovation project of a pre-existing beach bar venue, which occupies 300 sqm of prime seafront real estate at the popular and fashionable city resort.

The brief was to design an altogether different experience from the average beach bar. The venue has several floors including a private rooftop and lower floor spaces. The operator wanted to create a vibe to match those of famous beach resorts in Ibiza, Mykonos in Greece or Tulum in Mexico. This type of brief complements the modus operandi of Void Acoustics who states their mission statement is to “pursue the future of sound through obsessive technical innovation and extraordinary design aesthetics” and to “move people through unforgettable, immersive sound”.

The entire project was therefore design-led throughout. There are few beach venues on Atzmaut Beach which are more luxurious than Hilton Bay Absolut Beach & Surf. And with luxury comes a high-end audio installation courtesy of a new Void Acoustics sound system.

The owner of Hilton Bay Absolut Beach & Surf – Ronen Miley – is a local nightlife entrepreneur of over 25 years’ experience. He was determined to have a Void Acoustics system installed here as he acknowledges how the Void has created a breakthrough in audio systems with speakers that are suitable for party and beach environments, bringing a combination of stunning design aesthetics alongside superb sound quality.

Void Acoustics considers New Audio Pro an extremely strong distributor, with a passion for the Void Acoustics brand. They have a team who provides great support to Void, and their customers alike, and who offer seamless specifications and installations on the projects they work on. The team have depth knowledge of Void Acoustics products and with their contribution to this high-end project, they are deserving of an accolade an award such as this brings.