Hagius Spa

ProjectHagius SpaLocationBerlin, GermanyManufacturersGenelecDistributorAudio Pro HeilbronnInstallerStudio SPCSubmitted byCopper Leaf Media

Hagius Spa revolves around the concept of neuro-athletic training, which uses a combination of the senses to help stimulate certain states. One of the major challenges, therefore, was finding loudspeakers that distributed quality audio, at a variety of playback levels, whilst blending seamlessly with the interior of the room. A mixture of Genelec’s 4000 series fit the bill, offering unrivalled clarity, intelligibility and uniform coverage, contained in a compact and sleek enclosure.

Significantly, the discussion of audio came after the spa’s architectural and interior design had already been implemented. This posed a technical challenge, as usually all elements of the design would come together to complement one another. In this case, the acoustics had not been originally considered in the building’s design, so the challenge was for the integrator, Studio SPC to find an exceptional sound system to compensate.

The Genelec loudspeakers specified not only deliver the brand’s premium sound quality, but they also contain simple rear panel room compensation switches, which provide intuitive control of various adjustable EQ levels, to help integrators tune them to the individual acoustics of each room. This was a huge benefit for an installation like Hagius, which has a variety of untreated rooms, vastly differing in shape and size.

One huge benefit of the Genelec 4000 series is the wide range of colour options they offer. Often it is a challenge to find loudspeakers that match the interior design. However, this was a complete non-issue in this instance, as the loudspeakers were available in 120 RAL colours, offering multiple shades of all primary colours.

– The installation incorporates a wide range of Genelec loudspeakers, used in different rooms to suit different applications.
– Active loudspeakers negate the need for bulky external amplifiers, which removes any visual distraction from space.
– Genelec’s company ethos and sustainable design synergise perfectly with the spa’s naturalistic mission.
– Genelec’s 4000 series are available in 120 RAL colours, making it easy to blend with the interior design of an install.

Hagius Spa is a venture founded by two brothers, Timothy and Nicolas Hagius. It’s a haven of holistic wellbeing tucked away just off the main street of Torstrasse, in Berlin that brings together a variety of disciplines to provide a premium multi-sensory experience for clientele.

A variety of different models were used to achieve optimum audio quality in the different rooms. For the main course room, the more powerful 4040s, supported by a 7380 subwoofer were required. The higher SPLs offered by the 4040s were also required in the gym area, and the boxing area. For the foyer, changing rooms, and other such areas where the increased output and extended low frequency response were less of a priority the 4030s sufficed. On top of this, the room compensation switches allow the setup to be adapted even further.

Despite being a late addition, the project was incredibly successful from an audio perspective, receiving high praise from the clients. Additionally, Genelec’s distinguished form factor perfectly suits Hagius Spa’s minimalistic interior, as you can tell from the photographs.


“When it comes to studio applications and sound installations, Genelec is always my personal choice. The sound is incredibly crisp and full – you feel the whole spectrum in a balanced way. Beyond this, they are durable and strong loudspeakers with an extremely long lifespan. In the event that there is a problem, Genelec’s service is second to none.”
– Kenan Jar Ibar, Studio SPC

“Overall, the Hagius team are extremely happy with the result. They said they would certainly go with Genelec again if they did another project in the future.”
– Kenan Jar Ibar, Sudio SPC