First American Museum

ProjectFirst American MuseumLocationOklahoma City OK USManufacturersAbsen, Peerless US and UKArchitectWaystoneLighting DesignerWaystoneInstallerFordSubmitted byAbsen Inc

Curved Absen Acclaim 2.5 is the highlight of this museum. Using Peerless’s Seemless curse system, Ford AV used 192 panels to make the design in the the center of the museum.
Installation Facts:
Absen Acclaim 2.5mm
190.68″ Radius, Curved Wall Mount
192 Panels | 366 Modules | 5,929,200 Pixels
Total Weight of Video Wall: 4,200 lbs.

It took 20 years for the project to come to fruition. Once Waystone was able to build the museum, Ford AV enlisted both Absen and Peerless to build the curved wall. The combination of Absen’s strong, reliable LED performance and Peerless AV curved wall solution allowed the LED wall to be the centerpiece of the museum.

This award winning installation not only tells the story of Native American Culture, but it also intertwines with the challenges of that it faced when building the the museum. This installation really does showcase the power of collaboration between 4 companies to make an amazing historical musuem come alive.