Cest la Vie

ProjectCest la VieLocationSophiaManufacturersPioneer PRO AUDIO (AlphaTheta EMEA Limited)InstallerMusic Shop Ellectrica.Submitted byPioneer Pro Audio

The main challenges of the installation centred on the architecture of the building, which combined highly reflective surfaces with an asymmetrical interior. Placement of the loudspeakers was a particular challenge owing to the fact that two outer sides of the main room comprise a large expanse of glass windows. Added to this, a balcony runs alongside the opposite internal walls, creating a first-floor mezzanine seating area. The presence of the mezzanine means that the stage is located to one side at one end of the room, with a DJ booth next to it. The system needed to take account of the acoustics of the different spaces in the room to ensure that customers enjoyed a uniform experience of warm, powerful sound in all areas.

The team began with the installation of acoustic curtains over the windows, which can be closed when the system is in full operation. For live performances, the main system comprises 2 pairs of XY-122 12” two-way loudspeakers in conjunction with 2 x XY-218S twin bass-reflex subwoofers. A further 12 x XY-101 10” two-way were deployed in different positions around the room, including under the mezzanine, to achieve even coverage. These peripheral units are supported by 2 x XY-118S 18” bass-reflex subwoofers at the rear of the hall.

For the mezzanine itself, where the ceiling is low, 8 x XY-81 8” two-way provide coverage in conjunction with 2 x XY-115S subwoofers. An XPRS-12 active 12” loudspeaker provides stage-monitoring, while an XPRS-10 10” acts as monitoring for the DJ booth. The overall project was completed by the deployment of ceiling speakers from the new Pioneer PRO AUDIO CM Series. 6 x CM-C54T-K were used in the toilet areas to deliver a complete solution for C’est La Vie. The system is powered by amplification (with DSP and Dante) from the Powersoft Quattro series.

This was the first complete Pioneer PRO AUDIO installation in Bulgaria. The comments of both integrator and client are informative:

Yordan Delev of installers Music Shop Ellectrica comments:

“We’ve achieved a really high-quality premium sound with Pioneer PRO AUDIO at C’est La Vie. The whole system provides a smooth, pleasant sound, while at the same time you can feel a serious pressure in the whole frequency graph. The new Pioneer PRO AUDIO range of ceiling speakers completed the overall picture to perfection. Our team did a great job on the install and everyone at the venue is pleased with the balance and quality of the sound.”

A spokesperson for C’est La Vie adds:

“We are very pleased with the overall vision and execution of the installation. The placement of the speakers in the hall creates a smooth but powerful sound which our guests and performers love. Our venue concept is evolving, so with a focus on an increased number of live performances, we are looking towards adding more Pioneer PRO AUDIO loudspeakers to further enhance the sound.”