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Integrators, Plusmusic specified two SL412 tops together with eight VHD4.18 quad 18″ subwoofer systems, while a pair of CS12s handle front-fill duties. Inside the main restaurant, there is a DJ stage equipped with a pair of SL412 tops and four ES2.6 high-output active subwoofers. The other restaurant areas feature a mix of EX6 and EX10 active speakers, complemented by EX1.2 subwoofers. Ankerpunkt’s guests also enjoy premium quality sound in the veranda, which features no less than 20 CUBE speakers. The low end is delivered by five ESD1.10s powered by five ESP1000 amplifiers. With such a range of loudspeakers, the club has the potential to

The primary challenge in this installation was figuring out a setup that would satisfy the various differing areas of the beach club, each with their own level of coverage and therefore acoustic environment. In areas where space was limited, KV2 offered the CUBE, their most compact offering, was selected – beloved for its ability to distribute clean, powerful sound with such a small form factor.

Being outside, and exposed to the elements, it was important to find loudspeakers that were weather resistant and could cope. Specifically, the loudspeakers featured had to be water resistant due to the location of the venue. KV2 accounts for this, finishing their speakers with an ultra resistant black polymer paint, and perforated steel grill, two countermeasures that will extend the life of their products.

– Includes numerous high-output active subwoofers.
– Concentrated sound power
– Weather resistant for outdoors veranda
– Consultation was given by Plusmusic, who worked on the world-famous Amnesia and Cova Santa, Ibiza.
– An impressive 62 KV2 loudspeakers and several amplifiers adorn the popular party and relaxation location.

Ankerpunkt began life as a modest, seasonal bar on the shores of Lake Aldrian in Tillmitsch in southern Styria, has quickly developed into a premier hotspot in the region. It is the vision of Leo Rath, a DJ and house legend in Austria, and his wife Manuela, partially inspired by their visits to the electronic music metropolises of the world, including the likes of Ibiza.

It demonstrates the ability of the KV2 system to cope with a range of acoustic environments. The sound will carry extremely different outside, in the bar and lounge area when compared with the primary dance floor.


“I am a DJ myself and the right sound for Ankerpunkt is an important concern for me. After some research, I became aware of KV2’s sounds systems. The sound quality of KV2 just totally convinced me and I quickly realized, this is what I need for Ankerpunkt.”
– Leo Rath, Owner and DJ, Ankerpunkt

“Leo [the owner of Ankerpunkt] is overjoyed with the result. He knows he chose the right product!”
– Gianluca Trevisian, Plusmusic AG, Switzerland